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EquineLUX English  Saddle Pads for Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, and Eventing

Our saddle pads and half-pads are manufactured from the best materials such as Merino sheepskin and high-quality fleece, 3-Dimensional Spacer and 100% cotton fabrics, poly-fiber filling and non-slip mesh textile, High-Resiliency foam and genuine leather.

EquineLUX Saddle Pads offer efficient moisture absorption and evaporation, optimal cushioning and reliable grip in the seating area, functional and aesthetic design, thus representing the next generation of the English saddle pads. 5 based on 24 votes.

EquineLUX Half-Pads: When it comes to the saddle fitting

ComfortLUX, MerinoLUX, BufferLUX, GripLUX

We've designed technically-advanced Half-Pads that allow riders to benefit from such extremely valuable characteristics as breathability, reliable grip, shock absorption, and comfortable fit. Large size pockets help ensure proper saddle fit by accommodating both specialized and custom-made shims.

Open-cell structure of the 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric allows EquinetLUX half-pads to dry out quickly, thus protecting sheepskin against bacterial growth and preventing unpleasant odors...  Find out more about  EquineLUX half-pads  ›››

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Whispering Pines, NC, USA - Brita Rizzi, Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting
Being a certified saddle fitter I really like EquineLUX sheepskin half-pads with the pockets.
EquineLUX half-pads supply much better padding than all the other well-known saddle pads. The pockets are generously cut which allows me to add shims easily. The breathable material inside the pockets is a great idea since this allows the sheepskin to dry quicker than cotton material which makes this pad last longer. The quality is very nice and it all comes at a very affordable price...

Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom - Emma Hart, customer
Thank you SO much for the saddlepads. They're absolutely gorgeous - the fit is perfect - absolutely no slip at all, they look fabulous and my mare is very very happy.
They're absolutely fantastic... I can honestly say, they're without doubt the best saddle pads I've ever used... and I've tried a lot of the more expensive ranges too. Nothing comes close: well worth the investment!

Stouffville, ON, Canada - Jaimey Irwin, Grand Prix dressage rider
The EquineLux Dressage saddle pad is my number one choice for everyday riding and competing!
The pad contours very nicely to the horse's back and stays perfectly in place without giving resistance to the horse's hair or skin.
It is a very sleek and stylish pad and always keeps its shape without bunching up, which gives me peace of mind knowing that the saddle pad will always be where I put it!

Freelton, ON, Canada - Marissa Hishon, customer
A big thank you to you for a beautiful pad that fits! I am so impressed with what a great job you guys did working from photos and measurements. FINALLY, the EquineLUX shaped pad for showing hunters fits my forward-flap saddle! Looking forward to using it without having to constantly readjust the pad like every other one I've had. Two thumbs up for your excellent service. :)

Mt. Elgin, ON, Canada - Linda Plank, owner of Sprucehaven farm
I rode in my new white SHOCK-ABSORBING saddle pad yesterday and noticed a huge difference in my comfort, can't imagine what it does for the horse.

Beamsville, ON, Canada - Monica Bernhardt, customer
I have and it's the best pad that I have ever used! I have bought some very high end saddle pads in the past and this is my go to pad for every day and showing! Having a mare with low withers and one that is very round made mounting without the saddle slipping a challenge. However, with this pad I have no problems. It does not slip, shift or slide during my rides either. I have sung the praises of this pad and have let others borrow it so they can experience the difference it makes. I would not hesitate to purchase another or recommend your saddle pads to others. I would also like to ad that your customer service is second to none!

Waterdown, ON, Canada - Shanya Krigel-Belanger, CSHA Ontario Chapter Board of Directors (2010-2012)
I have tried many saddle pads for my back with no luck. The first time I tried the half pad I schooled my horse over fences and I couldn't believe how much straighter I was sitting up. Even my coach commented on my position as I usually am always leaning forward or hunched over due to back and hip pain.