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We at EquineLUX appreciate your time and valuable feedback in helping us make our Saddle Pads better!
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• Cody Sturgess, Port Perry, ON, Canada
I will be honest, I was quite hesitant to try the new pad as I was a firm believer in your competitor, Ecogold. After months of testing, I am extremely impressed with the quality and durability of the EquineLux Pad, it is now my pad of choice.
Cody Sturgess at ROLEX 2015 Kentucky Three-Day Event.

Rolex 2015 - SHOCK-ABSORBING Cross-Country non-skid saddle pad
Cross-Country non-skid
saddle pad

• Julia Tully, Canton, MA, United States
I have got a pad from EquineLUX and have actually got multiple friends to purchase them as well.
It's honestly the best pad I've ever had - and I've tried them all!
My horse's back has never been better, and I swear by the pad now!!
18.0-inch Marcel Toulouse Premia Saddle

ComfortLUX Half-Pad for the Marcel Toulouse Premia Saddle
EquineLUX Half-Pad
with pockets for inserts

• Monica Silver, Dexter, MI, United States
I received my new hunter pad yesterday and I am very happy with it! It is just how I wanted it and fits perfectly!
Thanks for being patient and getting it just right for me!
17.5-inch Prestige hunter classic saddle with a forward flap (AA)

Customized Hunter EquineLUX Saddle Pad for the Prestige hunter classic saddle with a forward flap (AA)
Hunter Saddle Pad

• Mélissa Boutin, Ascot Corner, QC, Canada
Thanks for super fast shipping!
I won one of your saddle pads at Harmony Horse Trials in 2013 and it still looks amazing after all this time even with very heavy use. When I had to shop for a new half pad, I immediately thought of EquineLUX. I will recommend your products!

MerinoLUX -- Dressage Half-Pad with Merino Sheepskin lining, front and rear trim
Dressage Half-Pad

• Maggie Moore, Atascadero, CA, United States
I apologize for being so late on sending these pictures of my old pad and the lovely new pad. I was at a show this past weekend and there was a woman taking pictures of my pad because of the good fit. She will probably be contacting you soon to order one exactly like it.
I can't tell you how much I love this pad, no slipping, great fit and is top notch quality. Sorry I didn't get it washed before I took the pictures but I was afraid I would procrastinate again and thought it better to just get them sent to you.
17.5-inch Pessoa Gen X Elita Hunter saddle with a forward flap

Customized Hunter EquineLUX Saddle Pad for the Pessoa Gen X Elita Hunter saddle
Hunter Saddle Pad

• Marissa Hishon, Freelton, ON, Canada
A big thank you to you for a beautiful pad that fits! I am so impressed with what a great job you guys did working from photos and measurements.
I can actually get my girth through the billet straps on both sides without contorting the pad. FINALLY a shaped pad for showing hunters that fits my forward-flap saddle!
I took a few pictures so you can see the results (there's a towel underneath as my horse was wet and dirty). Also I have a Thinline half pad between your pad and the saddle that you can see a bit of.
Looking forward to using it at my show on Monday, without having to constantly readjust the pad like every other one I've had.
Thanks again for the express shipping so it was here in time. Two thumbs up for your excellent service. :)
17.5-inch Amerigo DJ with long and forward flap

Customized Hunter Saddle Pad for the Amerigo DJ with long and forward flap
Hunter Saddle Pad

• Jodi Cooper, Petrolia, ON, Canada
I received the half pad yesterday and rode in it twice now. I really think I feel I difference in his comfort and feel he's more relaxed. He is a thoroughbred with a sensitive back and everything for that matter.
Didn't end up using the shims cause felt it gave enough lift in the front just with the half pad.
I'll give it a couple more days and write a review and we have a clinic next weekend so I will try and get a nice picture of the Dressage half-pad in action to send along with it!!

The Product Review
I totally forgot to send a pic of us using our EquineLUX half-pad (dressage). So here is a photo from yesterday in it and just want to say we love it !!!

Dressage non-slip Half-Pad with sheepskin lining and pockets for shims
Half-Pad with pockets

• Haley Benzon, SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the pad and I've already told everyone in my barn about it!
It very well could be a total coincidence but my horse has been going fabulously since riding in it.
It fits my saddle perfectly AND I noticed that he's not nearly as sweaty underneath the saddle. He usually sweats a ton under the saddle and the other day all I had to do was curry him off and he was good to go!
I attached a few pictures for you to see! I wanted to thank you again for being so amazing and patient with me. I'd really like to order another Eventing saddle pad in white sometime for shows.

SHOCK-ABSORBING Eventing Saddle Pad with pockets for shims
Eventing Saddle Pad

• Lynne Moorhead, Toronto, ON, Canada
I received the saddle pads... they are gorgeous!

• Gabrielle Sauvé Poissant, Beauharnois, QC, Canada
Just to let you know it's been a week I've been riding in my new SLIP-STOPPING hunter pad and I just love it! Great look under the saddle and it fits perfectly for my saddle.
A special thanks for making the small adjustment needed to fit my saddle!
Great service!

• Kim with Welwyn Stable, Rhinebeck, NY, USA
I absolutely love your show Hunter pads. They look beautiful. It fits the saddle perfectly and didn't move through the whole time we rode.
Many compliments on it through the day :)
Thank you.

• Sarah Shawnee Dawson, Lancaster, PA, United States
Hi Maxim, I attached a picture with the pad. I actually don't think it could fit much better - I think it fits both him and the saddle almost perfectly.

In love with the EquineLux dressage pad.

Eventing Saddle Pad with pockets for shims
Eventing Saddle Pad

• MaryAnne Malec, Owego, NY, USA
Indy and I love the new hunter pad. He is much happier moving forward and so much more ready to work. He also used to sweat up a storm under the saddle, now he is only sweating under the leather girth but not under the pad. I was able to attend a dressage clinic with Irene Boss. Unfortunately the pictures did not come out but he felt incredible and as a result I had a great time and Indy was very proud of himself. I am thinking of getting a dressage pad with the half in sheepskin. Thank you so much for such an amazing product.

• Anne-Sophie Milette, Monteal, QC, Canada
It's been doing great here in Florida. The fit looks great I use the normal half-pad to school and the wool one to show. The wool one is my favorite. Really classy and it stays nice.

• Janine Swallow, Fergus, ON, Canada
I have received the saddle pad and it is PEFECT! Much better for our needs. Thank you so much for the great customer service! I will definitely be recommending you to fellow riders and will be back for more product in the future.
Thanks once again...

• nonie, Kitchener, ON Canada
I quite like mine. I have the one with shims and no fleece. I did find there was a lot of bulk with the big shim that came with the pad plus my own front risers, but I just took it out and the problem was solved. It's held up well (though it's currently gross looking, but that's because I haven't washed it in 6 months :P). The grippy fabric is pretty awesome, it keeps everything in place beautifully and has held up surprisingly well to everything except the dang mice...

• spoiler76, Freelton, ON Canada
I have a custom shaped pad and love it. It doesn't move at all, which my previous shaped pads always did. It's thick enough to be substantial but not so thick that the saddle is tight. Also, I have found it washes up beautifully. I save mine for shows but even after a long, hot show day I have even been able to let it air out and dry and not had to wash it! Very happy with the material and workmanship of the pad.

• phylwar, ON Canada
LOVE LOVE LOVE Mine I have a couple of them and show in one...

• JumpTheMoon, ON Canada
I ordered a half pad after Christmas and just started using it this week. So far, I really like it! I wanted something that was a bit more substantial than my Thinline but not as thick as an Ogilvy, and it fits the bill perfectly. Adds some cushion without the bulk that I find the Ogilvy half pads have.

The only thing I dont like is that the "no slip" part squeeks against my saddle but I am hoping that goes away as it gets a bit more dirty. I still love my Thinline too, but like having this as another option depending on which horse my saddle is going on.

• Diana Jones, customer
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the new pad I ordered fits absolutely perfect! And looks lovely too! Thankyou very much, and have a Merry Christmas!

Dressage saddle pad with sheepskin trim
Dressage saddle pad
with sheepskin trim

• Debbie MacGillivray, Dalkeith, ON Canada
Bought a dressage full pad last summer, love love it!

• Stefanie Reinhold, Madison, WI USA
The saddle pad arrived today. I must say that I am blown away by the quality! It is much better than the Mattes pads, for example...

• Dana L. Fankhauser, Casper, WY USA
Dear EquineLux,
I just want to thank you for an opportunity to rate my new saddle pad. It is the best pad I have ever used and perfect for my riding, my horses and my saddles. It gets a "5" for a rating.
I was surprised at the quality and that it does what I want. I have gotten used to disappointment!
I have a Fhoenix dressage saddle and a Western dressage saddle from Specialized Saddles that scoot pads around as their design is toward the comfort of the horse. It's worth the sacrifice, however, getting the right pad has been a challenge. The EquineLux saddle pad doesn't shift and the saddle stays where you put it on the pad. So nice to tack up and not have to re-do everything in 15 minutes! I love the clever design for the billets. It's perfect for my saddles and not having and extra step, trying to find a place for an upper billet keeper or steering around thigh blocks or knee rolls just makes sense. I LOVE it when things are well thought out, well designed and well made.
The pad I purchased is not cheap but it WORKS and I will be purchasing another EquineLux pad in the near future.
I wish I had all the money I have spent on insufficient pads and I would have a half a dozen EquineLux that actually work for their intended purpose.
Oh, by way, I don't do feedback or ratings but this product deserves it and maybe this information will help someone else who was having similar challenges regarding saddle/pad suitability.

• Emma Hart, Orpington, Kent, UK
Thank you SO much for the saddlepads. They're absolutely gorgeous - the fit is perfect - absolutely no slip at all, they look fabulous and my mare is very very happy.
They're absolutely fantastic... I can honestly say, they're without doubt the best saddle pads I've ever used... and I've tried a lot of the more expensive ranges too. Nothing comes close: well worth the investment!

• Linda Plank, owner of Sprucehaven farm
I rode in my new white SHOCK-ABSORBING saddle pad yesterday and noticed a huge difference in my comfort, can't imagine what it does for the horse.

• Monica Bernhardt, customer
I have and it's the best pad that I have ever used! I have bought some very high end saddle pads in the past and this is my go to pad for every day and showing! Having a mare with low withers and one that is very round made mounting without the saddle slipping a challenge. However, with this pad I have no problems. It does not slip, shift or slide during my rides either. I have sung the praises of this pad and have let others borrow it so they can experience the difference it makes. I would not hesitate to purchase another or recommend your saddle pads to others. I would also like to ad that your customer service is second to none!

Saddle Pad

• Georgia Wade, Dressage rider, Team Ontario at 2013 CIEC
I was one of the junior dressage riders that got the pleasure of riding for team Ontario at CIEC in Calgary this year. I had a wonderful experience winning bronze individual junior and working in the team environment.
Thank you for supplying the team's saddle pads we used throughout the competition at rocky mountain show jumping. It is because of generous sponsors like you that help to make these experiences possible for young riders like myself.

• Peter L. N. Chiddy, Dressage rider, Team Ontario at 2013 CIEC
Many thanks for the great dressage saddle pads for team Ontario in Calgary. They were great and I also know that Fresco (my horse) appreciated it a lot!

• Vanessa Creech-Terauds, Dressage rider, Team Ontario at 2013 CIEC
I would like to thank you so much for those wonderful saddlepads! They were so nice and we proudly showed them off around the show grounds and when we came home. Thank you again sooo much for giving them to us! It felt so nice to receive them:)
Thank you!

• David Marcus, Grand Prix Dressage rider
These are great products and I am proud to be sponsored by EquineLUX!!

• Emily Penn
I loved the pad. I thought at first that it might be a bit too thick, but Delphi seemed fine with it. And I definitely noticed that her back wasn’t as sweaty as usual which I’m convinced must have been more comfortable for her. Thumbs up!

• Diane Creech, Canadian Olympic dressage team reserve
My daughter Vanessa Creech-Terauds is traveling to Alberta being a member of the Ontario Dressage Team:) we both want to thank you for sponsoring our Team with your wonderful saddlepads! It is very appreciated!! Thank you!

• Shanya Krigel-Belanger, customer
I have tried many saddle pads for my back with no luck. The first time I tried the half pad I schooled my horse over fences and I couldn't believe how much straighter I was sitting up. Even my coach commented on my position as I usually am always leaning forward or hunched over due to back and hip pain.

SLIP-STOPPING Hunter Saddle Pad
Shanya Krigel-Belanger

I was like WOW, it felt so good after my ride. You have NO idea.
It wasn't just a fluke, every day I ride and school is the same. this pad has been a Godsend to me.
My Horse has also changed shape as he matures. Not enough to warrant getting a new saddle, this EquinLux pad I got fills in the little areas that are needed. Better than the Memory foam pads that are out there (I tried them too).
The First horse show we went to wearing our EquineLux pad. My horse was a superstar. Our first time showing the 3'3" hunters and he was Reserve Champion.
Even his form over the fences was better.

These Pads are also well made. The Material is so very different than others. Great Quality.
How these pads are made is also amazing to me. You can see the pride that has gone into making each one of these pads. Not like the mass produced pads from other countries.
How they have designed the pad and the half pad I just LOVE. Fits so nicely under my saddle.
Other people have tried my pad and were also amazed at how it compared to their MORE expensive pads. They have all ordered one now.

They wash up Great. I have washed my pad quite a few times now and it has not changed one bit.
This pad seems to snuggle up to my saddle. there is NO slipping back or bunching up. Where I put it at the start of my ride is where it is at the end of my ride.

I have been riding and showing for 40 years and in that time I have seen and had quite a few saddle pads. This one is here to stay with me.
The best part of this saddle pad is the company, They are great to deal with. They will custom make you a pad to what you want. More padding added, no problem, They will work with you to get you what you are looking for.

I just want to say, Thank you EquineLux, you have made my everyday riding more enjoyable with less pain.

• Dawn Diovera, HORSE AND MAN TV-show producer/blogger
Let me tell you what I like in a pad…
1) lightweight
2) sticky without being itchy or hot for the horse
3) shaped correctly
4) vented
5) fits well
6) wither clearance in a big way
7) washable
8) natural fibers
9) able to be cushioned if needed (inserts)

• Jaimey Irwin, Grand-Prix dressage rider
The EquineLux Dressage saddle pad is my number one choice for everyday riding and competing!
The pad contours very nicely to the horse's back and stays perfectly in place without giving resistance to the horse's hair or skin.
It is a very sleek and stylish pad and always keeps its shape without bunching up, which gives me peace of mind knowing that the saddle pad will always be where I put it!

• A happy customer
So I am in love with the pad. I wore it on Sunday at my horse show and it was well NICE. It was very comfy and my back didn't hurt as much as it has been with other pads. I really did notice a difference... The pad you sent me is much nicer than the E....... pad. It is thicker and nicer material.

• Kim Walsh, customer
I went to your shop and looked at the hunter saddlepads on April 19th. I ended up buying the ComfortLUX Half-Pad with sheepskin trim and shims. I was worried because my horse tends to have a sensitive back but it's working beautifully.

• Fiona Price, Founder of www.horsehero.com
The EquineLUX saddle pads are awesome! I do FEI endurance with a pony that has super-sensitive skin, so keeping it in one piece over long distances is an obsession, as is finding the right saddle pad. EquineLUX have thought of everything! The pad is light but cushioned; it’s breathable, so air can flow through it thus avoiding overheating and the underside is soft. Attention to detail is second to none; the bottom edge of the pad is also soft which avoids rubbing under the girth straps. The pad stays up in the gullet and the sticky area under the seat (which helps stability) is in exactly the right place, as are the loops for the girth. The riser version accommodates wide shimeys, which means the saddle doesn’t get perched over the edge of a wedge if it moves. What a joy! I can’t wait to use the pads in our next 120K.

• Katherine Blocksdorf, About.com
I really liked the fit on my high withered mare. The non-slip fabric securely held the pad in place despite my not being able to use the straps to put the billet strap through. There was no slippage at all. I liked that the pad was quick dry and allowed air flow. Although I tried this pad in very early spring, I can see it being a good choice for hard work in hot weather.

• Renee Williams, the Lucky Winner of the SHOCK-ABSORBING Eventing Saddle Pad
I love my new EquineLux pad. My TB has fairly high withers and the shims are a life saver. Also this pad helps with my saddle not slipping back. Again THANK YOU.

• Kent Farrington, Jumping rider
The saddle pads are very well made and very nice. For me personally, I like to be very close to the horse so I use very thin pads. I could see using them on a horse with a very sensitive back but for most of my horses it is a bit thick for my personal preference.

Kent Farrington
Kent Farrington

• Katherine Abel
I definitely enjoyed it. Keepers are a little far back for my saddle, but I believe this is just because of the unusual shape of my saddle. The shock absorbency, the fabric, the washability and breatheability far outweighed that the girth keeper didn't fit quite right...
I should add, too, that I have an extremely sensitive and cold-backed mare. If she is unhappy with something, she lets me know! If she likes a saddle or saddle pad, she is relaxed and soft, otherwise my life is at risk!.. My horse LOVED the pad.
(SHOCK-ABSORBING Eventing Saddle Pad)

SHOCK-ABSORBING non-slip Eventing Saddle Pad

• Marc C. Vaillancourt
Your product is excellent for riding, jumping and for trail riding. Good luck!

• everypenny
Hey bro! your product is pricey... but the really good stuff won't be cheap. I like your sheepskin halfpad.

• Jenna, jumper
From day one I have thought highly of your pads quality. The fabric is soft and breathable for the horses skin. I think it is important the pad fits correctly with out causing pressure points on the horses back, which clearly yours do. I am very happy with all three pads.

• Jen Butler-Smith
Had a good show yesterday, sadly had a pole down in the jump off with Gallant Brioche. I used the shock absorbing saddle pad with the MerinoLUX combined. I was very pleased with the comfort and ventilation.

• Crystal Ryan
DRESSAGE style SWEAT-WICKING™ Saddle Pad with high-quality Merino SHEEPSKIN TRIM on the front and back sides has a stylish look and elegantly defines the shape of the saddle...

• Jbs Sport Horses
I have received the saddle pads, I am very happy with them, they are excellent quality, they fit very well and they are comfortable for my horses.

• Bellevue Stables
Bellevue Stables is proud to be involved in the finishing touches of EquineLux excellent products for their Hunter/Jumper line of saddle pads!