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Make Your Horse Riding Experience A Luxurious One.

For the last couple of decades, the standards for the Equestrian Sports have have been increasingly growing. Nowadays, both the riders and the horse riding accessories face much higher expectations...

"EquineLUX professionals always stay on top of the industry trends and technology," says Max McArrow, founder of the EquineLUX. "Contemporary materials, developed for the use in medical, furniture, footwear, and clothing industries, finds new uses in the manufacturing of the saddle pads. Using 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric, High Resilience open-cell foam, synthetic fibers along with top-quality Merino sheepskin, 100% cotton fabric, genuine leather and applying innovative technology is the only way to make a saddle pad perform to the rider's and horse's advantage."

Nowadays, the majority of horse riding accessories is manufactured in China. The cheaper the better. In spite of the fact that functionality of cheap saddle pads is limited technologically, they remain in demand. This kind of low-priced horse equipment attracts the attention of the novice riders, or of those who strive to save some money on the horse tack.

"A true horseback rider would take such factors as shock absorption, breathability, moisture-wicking feature, comfortable fit into account when buying new saddle pad," Max McArrow says. "When a saddle is used in conjunction with the EquineLUX Saddle Pad or Half-Pad with pockets, it will be interacting with the horse's back through a kind of resilient buffer. Equipped with two and High Resilience open-cell foam shims, the guarantee that overall weight of the rider will be redistributed over a larger area of the horse's spine. Thus, it reduces pressure within pressure points and provides a sufficient shock absorption effect. Timely adjusting the thickness and positioning of the HR shims on the horse's back will make a big difference; the one between happy, quality performance and painful, miserable horseback riding."

Thanks to the design of the EquineLUX Saddle Pads and Half-Pads, they can help you to minimize most of the common saddle fit problems by accommodating specialized or custom-made shims. However, it must be done properly, so that none of the shims compromise the saddle fit. Using custom-made shims without consulting a professional saddle fitter may result in poor balance and incorrect centering of the rider. This will certainly cause disproportionate pressure in the front or the back of the saddle.

As long as the saddle fits the horse correctly, you may expect your horseback riding experience to be a luxurious one.


EquineLUX Launches Price Drop Alert service

Today EquineLUX announced the launch of its exclusive Price Drop Alerts service for English saddle pad buyers in Canada and USA.

Everyone loves a good deal on saddle pads for sale. But keeping track of price fluctuations and deal hunting can be tricky and time-consuming. When shopping at an equestrian manufacturers' websites like EquineLUX.com, most of potential customers simply expect competitive prices on discount saddle pads. But how do they know about price drops on a specific saddle pad model without having to deal with a bunch of irrelevant emails?

"EquineLUX.com will make your life easier and do half the job for you," says EquineLUX founder Max McArrow. "EquineLUX innovative saddle pads and high-performance sheepskin half-pads happen to be on sale from time to time. If you are interested in getting EquineLUX discount and promotion notifications, then our new targeted alert system is for you! Select the item you are interested in the most, enter your email address and activate the price drop alert by clicking the "NOTIFY ME!" button. EquineLUX will send you a concise email when the price on your favorite product drops. It will read something like this: Good News! Today, your ComfortLUX non-slip sheepskin half-pad with pockets for cushioning or saddle fitting shims is ... % less.

You don't have to do anything special to get notified by email when a new deal is announced. Just select the saddle pads you're most into, and leave the price dropping to us. We'll keep your inbox clutter-free by sending notification on the chosen item(s) only. But you can always sign up for the EquineLUX newsletter. Our newsletter is an easy way to be up to date with EquineLUX latest deals and offers that might be interesting not only for you, but also for your friends and colleagues."

Some true online deal-hunters are aware of such a service. EquineLUX might not be the biggest company out there to offer targeted deal alerts, but it's the first one in the equestrian industry.


EquineLUX congratulates Brianne Goutal with her first American Gold Cup win!

Brianne Goutal's splendid performance granted her the honour of joining the prestigious list of riders who have won the American Gold Cup since 1970.

Sponsored by EquineLUX, a Canadian saddle pads manufacturer, Brianne Goutal won her $200,000 American Gold Cup. One of the finest equestrian events in the USA, American Gold Cup is an important qualifying event for riders and their horses, especially for those aspiring to compete in the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. Tracey Fenney, Beezie Madden, Charlie Jayne, Kent Farrington, and Katie Dinan did their best, but it was Goutal and Nice De Prissey that have topped the field of 36 top horse riders who gathered at Old Salem Farm for the international jumping competition.

Racing to each obstacle at full tilt, Goutal's mount managed to leave each top bar untouched and galloped through the finish line in 40.18 seconds after completing a clear short course. "Nice De Prissey has a big stride and a lot of power," says Goutal. "However, my second line was a bit slow into the double. I was certain that if other riders could do the numbers quicker than I did they would catch up with me in no time... I am incredibly lucky to have the horses and team I have. Nothing is possible without all the parts, so I am truly grateful."

"EquineLUX and Brianne Goutal share a strong belief that continuous innovation and improvement of the traditional English saddle pads is very important," - said Max McArrow, founder of the EquineLUX. "We at EquineLUX are very proud of sponsoring Brianne Goutal. We are convinced that unique features of the ComfortLUX non-slip half-pad contributed to her sucess." Made from the quality organic and synthetic materials such as 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric, Merino sheepskin, HR foam, and genuine leather, every EquineLUX Half-Pad offers maximum breathability, optimal cushioning, reliable grip in the seating area, smart and visually-appealing design.


EquineLUX congratulates winners at the 2013 CIEC

Three days of the 2013 Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships (CIEC) competition, hosted by the Alberta Equestrian Federation, was held under perfect weather conditions at the Rocky Mountain Show Jumping facility in Calgary, AB.

As a key event in the development of the next generation of national and international champions, this multi-discipline competition were represented by Jumping, Dressage and Reining classes. Both Junior and Senior riders from eight provincial/territorial sport organizations represented Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan eagarly competed for podium spots.

"Our warmest congratulations to the Team Ontario!" says Max McArrow, the founder of the EquineLUX. "We at EquineLUX are very proud in sponsoring Ontario Show-Jumping and Dressage teams that took home GOLD medals. We are sure that this great win partially was able to happen due to unique features of the EquineLUX saddle pads. Breathable, non-slip and comfortable, every EquineLUX saddle pad is thoroughly designed to satisfy even the most demanding riders and their horses."

Finishing right after the Team of Alberta with a SILVER medal in the overall standings, Ontario's riders also made it to the podium in the individual competition. "We are thrilled with how our riders performed," says Dianne Graham, executive director of the Ontario Equestrian Federation. "The competition just keeps getting better and Team Ontario rose to the challenge."

The Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships is a collaborative event between the national and provincial sport organizations and is key in the development of the next generation of national, international and world champions.


David Marcus Partners with EquineLUX

Canadian Olympian David Marcus Partners with EquineLUX EquineLUX is proud to sponsor Canadian Olympian David Marcus, pictured with Chrevi's Capital (photo by Terri Miller)

EquineLUX, the leader in innovative equestrian saddle pads, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Canadian Olympian David Marcus.

An international dressage competitor, Marcus represented Canada at the 2012 London Olympic Games and won the North American League for the 2013 World Cup Final. He was Canada's top placed competitor at the prestigious CDI5* World Dressage Masters Palm Beach and has ridden on two Nations' Cup teams for Canada, both held in Wellington, FL. In addition, he has scored impressive grand prix victories at such high-profile international competitions as CDI-W Dressage at Devon (Devon, PA), CDI-W Global Dressage Festival (Wellington, FL), CDI3* Sunshine Challenge (West Palm Beach, FL) and CDI3* Angelstone International (Rockwood, ON).

The next goal for Marcus is to represent Canada at the upcoming 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France.

"Despite having only competed at the grand prix level for a short amount of time, David and Chrevi's Capital have amassed an incredible list of achievements," said Max McArrow, CEO and Founder of EquineLUX. "At EquineLUX, we strongly believe in their ability to reach future triumphs in international competition. We are proud to support David as he works towards his long-term goal of representing Canada at the 2014 World Equestrian Games."

"I am very proud to be sponsored by EquineLUX," said Marcus, who operates David Marcus Dressage in Campbellville, ON, just west of Toronto. "The elegant and technologically-advanced design of EquineLUX dressage saddle pads is both multi-functional and stylish. And most importantly, my horses feel great in them. I look forward to working with EquineLUX, and I know my horses will enjoy the experience, too."


Luxury Saddle pads - my first experience, by Evgeniya

As a loving horse owner (which, I'm sure many of you are) I try to give my favorite animal friend all the care and attention in the world. Most importantly, I make sure my horse is happy and healthy, which, in the end comes to the same thing. This is why I try to provide him with the best equipment possible and constantly upgrade my riding gear.

So one day, I decided to pick a really perfect saddle pad for my horse. I must say that I had heard a lot about luxury saddle pads and was eager to try one out myself. I knew that there are a lot of different brands on the market and wanted to get only the best thing available. I've visited several tack shops and saw some really great stuff. In the end, I was recommended to get a nice EquineLUX SHOCK-REDUCING saddle pad for dressage. It was quite soft, cushiony and good-looking, so I took hold of it and hurried back home to try it on my horse.

Indeed, that saddle pad served me great benefits. It secured just the right saddle fit and ensured comfortable riding. Why it is important to have the saddle pad that fits right? Well, the answer to this would simply be: it helps you to stay safely in the saddle without being afraid to slip off. So, I took great care in setting the pad on my horse so I could be safe while riding on him. A good saddle pad also alleviates pressure on your horse's back.

I must say, I do feel a lot for my horse. We have a very special connection and I always try to get the best horse gifts for my beautiful animal friend. I can actually see how much joy these gifts bring to my horse. It shows in the way he moves and interacts with me, and also influences a whole lot his overall performance. If chosen wisely, a saddle pad can gratify your horse and make a huge difference when riding him! Especially coarse materials can cause serious back soreness. The other way around, the feel of softness will elevate his mood and make your riding the most rewarding experience ever.

To wrap up, my first experience with SHOCK-REDUCING saddle pad has been great. Although I was hesitant at first, in the end, I did not regret getting one of the EquineLUX saddle pads at all. Actually, I'm happy I didn't go with one of the cheap, ill-made saddle pads and got the best thing available. It was definitely worth every single cent. After taking a few strides, I got used to saddling my horse with non-slip saddle pad and managed it well. I also observed that within a few days, my horse started performing better and did not have any rub marks on his back. So, my advice to you is to go for the LUXURY English saddle pads if you want to experience something really awesome.



There is no such joy as the joy of choosing just the right gift for a person love or appreciate. When you are considering perfect gift options for an equestrian sports' lover, you are most likely to pick a piece of riding equipment. Nowadays, there are plenty of options to choose from, but if you a looking for something that would satisfy both the purpose of unquestionable necessity and the outstanding quality, you can never go wrong when choosing a luxury saddle pad.

The saddle pad or numnah is a piece of riding equipment designed to support the saddle. The most effective saddle pads are the ones that absorb shock and reduce pressure against horse's back muscles, assuring maximum comfort and satisfaction of both rider and the horse.

A person who is not familiar with equestrian equipment might loose lot of precious time browsing for saddle pads, since online options are numerous and versatile. However, it is important not to be misguided by flashy marketing behind most of those saddle pads. We are all aware of deceitful marketing tricks and the ability of dishonest suppliers to present products of poor quality as outstanding.

We assure you that by picking one of the EquineLUX Saddle Pads, you are sure to pick a high-quality product that will make the best gift possible for both a nbeginner and a experienced rider. From the moment you lay your eyes on this exquisite product, you will know that it's one of the best and most reliable pieces of equestrian equipment available on the market. This saddle pad is not only a fantastic addition to the rider's horse tack collection, but something really special for the horse that will undoubtedly benefit from comfortable riding and top performance.

Every EquineLUX Saddle pad is the product of life long research in the field of equestrian sports. It is an exemplary creation of the most advanced manufacturing processes and finest materials available, a piece of the most luxurious horse apparel on the market, created for the ultimate satisfaction and comfort of both the rider and the horse.

Whether used for daily exercise or an exclusive show event, the EquineLUX Saddle Pad will assure best results.

So don't hesitate! Just pick one of the EquineLUX saddle pad models in a color you like and make the most exquisite gift possible!


EquineLUX Saddle Pads by Dawn Diovera, HORSEandMAN.com

EquineLUX just emailed today. They are a saddle pad company for Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage and Eventing.
Yes, I know...
There are sooooooo many saddle pads out there - I have about a tack store of them in my trailer right now...
(Not really.)
But, there is so much technology in saddle pads that if you had the money, you could purchase a new one every week.
I'm a bit of a saddle pad junkie...
It is kinda like when you purchase a mattress.
You go to a store and all the technology makes your mind spin (Sleep Number? European Sleep Design? Tempur Pedic? Posture Pedic? Memory Foam? Quilted?...).
You want to try all of it.
Finally, you end up just plopping down and feeling which one works for both you and your significant other (or horse - in the saddle pad scenario).
Anyway, I'm always game to try another.
So I went to the EquineLux site.
What I liked were the words: real wool, sweat wicking and non-slip.
I think they are sending a dressage pad. We'll see...


EquineLUX Saddle Pads by Emily Penn, HorseJournals.com

I have ridden in your saddle pads now both dressage and over jumps and I love them! I found that it didn't slip at all, it fit my saddle really well and as my horse doesn't have a huge barrel it still didn't dwarf him. I really like the padding and found that Chase was more comfortable when I pressed on his back after the first couple of rides and hope that the improvement will continue.

He didn't sweat up much under the pad and found that the breathability made a big difference for a faster cool out. I checked the wither spacing throughout the ride and not once did the pad slip to brace against his wither.

It is also a really nice pad to look at and a great professional looking product. I also found it's a bit easier to keep clean than other regular pads and don't know what to attribute that too, lol.

I really enjoy the pad and am looking forward to writing about it!


EquineLUX Saddle Pads by Jenna Butler-Smith, showjumper, Kent, UK

"I received the saddle pads from Equinelux, Canada and was so pleased with the excellent quality that I couldn't wait to use them.

The Shock-Reducing Saddle Pad fitted comfortably and the genuine leather girth patches were well positioned. 3-D spacer fabric with foam inserts fitted well to my horses back with no lumps, bumps or pressure points and breathable soft quilted cotton lining increased the horse's comfort by reducing sweat build up which could cause friction. The pad allows my horses to work through their backs and use themselves correctly when schooling at home or at competitions. When riding with the pads I could immediately feel my saddle was secure and my horse was very comfortable.

The Equinelux half pads are very stylish and fit perfectly, they are versatile and offer good grip with the fantastic non-slip mesh as well as cushioning my horses back. I was really impressed with the qualities of the pads and will definitely continue to use them."

How did you hear about EquineLux?
- I heard about EquineLux via Facebook social network.

What did grab your attention when you look at EquineLux products?
- I was very interested in the new technology, after trying a few saddle pads on my horses I found they weren't well ventilated causing sweat and friction, so I was searching for a product that offered padding, comfort and plenty of ventilation.

How do you estimate the design and usability of EquineLux's website?
- The website was very user friendly offering plenty of information about the products and how to care for them. The sizing guides were very clear and accurate.

What was your first reaction to the look of the EquineLux saddle pads (ELSP)?
- Different but stylish, I like unique looking products.

What was your reaction to the first ride with the ELSP?
- Straight away I felt the pads fitted well to my saddle and horse, they didn't move one bit, I felt there was comfort and protection to my horse's back but didn't feel I was getting pushed away from my horse, I like jumping in close contact saddles so I want the pads to feel close contact too. My horses move loosely when wearing the pads and I had confidence they weren't going to slip.

What is your opinion about materials and design of the ELSP?
- I have never seen the materials used on saddle pads before, yet I was pleased how they keep the pad in one place and still allow comfort and plenty of ventilation when jumping courses and for general flat work.

Can you imagine your life without ELSP after you tried them?
- Now I have used the products I would not turn back. (laughing)

Would you recommend the ELSP to other riders?
- Yes definitely, I already have, I believe it is important that the horse is comfortable so it enables him to perform to his best in any discipline.

What would you change/correct in ELSP design?
- Perhaps a larger variety in colors.

What are your plans for using ELSP at shows/in training?
- To use Equinelux pads in training and competition. From experience I feel that my horses appreciate the cushioning qualities and remain loose in the back.

What information about ELSP do you lack?
- I am honestly happy with all the information that has been provided, it has been very helpful.



Horses have been humans' companions for millenniums now. There is evidence proving that horses have been domesticated approximatelly 5.000 years ago, which is far longer ago than any other farm animals such as cows, chickens or ducks.

Domestication of horses has primarily been for the transport purposes, and from the moment man first rode the horse, it was noticed that something should be placed on horse's back to increase the quality of riding for both the animal and the man. That first piece of equestrian equipment was a saddle blanket, which would be placed on horse's back for cushioning and attached with a rope or a strap. Through time, from initially being an animal's processed skin or fragment of wool material, saddle blankets evolved into becoming technically-progressive and high-performance support for the saddle.

Numnah (numdah) is an Urdu term for "rug made from a coarse felt". The word "numnah" is mostly used in Great Britain and Australia, while "saddle pad" and "saddle blanked" originate from North America. For over a hundred of years, numnah is a thick pad of sheepskin, wool, or a similar material that goes under the saddle to keep it clean and to cushion the horse's back. Typically, it has the same shape as the saddle.

Unlike numnah, saddle pad was strongly influenced by technological progress. Materials used in saddle pad production have been experimented with to determine the best possible combination for both the rider's and horse's satisfaction. New and high-tech materials come to replace the traditional wool and felt.

As every horse rider is most likely to learn through own experience, every horse is unique, and not every saddle will fit particular horse's needs. In this case, the saddle pad should help fit the saddle properly. That is why it is very important to choose the right saddle pad accordingly to your horse's individual built as well as your riding needs.


EquineLUX Saddle Pads by Anna Szolc-Nartowska, Gdansk, Poland

Riding in the snow with the all new EquineLux, luxury saddle pads, the weather conditions weren't the best but after receiving the pads and seeing what excellent quality they were I had to give it a go.

The Shock-Reducing Saddle Pad, fitted perfectly to my horse and saddle, the girth patches with genuine leather were in the right place and the 3-D spacer fabric with shock reducing foam inserts, fitted so well to my horse's back with no lumps, bumps or pressure points.

The soft quilted cotton lining, is breathable and comfortable. When riding with the pad, immediately I could feel the saddle pad was secure, especially after my very fresh 4 year old put in a couple of bucks due to her over excitement, the pad didn't move one bit unlike one of my standard saddle pads which would have slipped right back!