Make Your Horse Riding Experience A Luxurious One.

For the last couple of decades, the standards for the Equestrian Sports have have been increasingly growing. Nowadays, both the riders and the horse riding accessories face much higher expectations...

"EquineLUX professionals always stay on top of the industry trends and technology," says Max McArrow, founder of the EquineLUX. "Contemporary materials, developed for the use in medical, furniture, footwear, and clothing industries, finds new uses in the manufacturing of the saddle pads. Using 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric, High Resilience open-cell foam, synthetic fibers along with top-quality Merino sheepskin, 100% cotton fabric, genuine leather and applying innovative technology is the only way to make a saddle pad perform to the rider's and horse's advantage."

Nowadays, the majority of horse riding accessories is manufactured in China. The cheaper the better. In spite of the fact that functionality of cheap saddle pads is limited technologically, they remain in demand. This kind of low-priced horse equipment attracts the attention of the novice riders, or of those who strive to save some money on the horse tack.

"A true horseback rider would take such factors as shock absorption, breathability, moisture-wicking feature, comfortable fit into account when buying new saddle pad," Max McArrow says. "When a saddle is used in conjunction with the EquineLUX Saddle Pad or Half-Pad with pockets, it will be interacting with the horse's back through a kind of resilient buffer. Equipped with two and High Resilience open-cell foam shims, the guarantee that overall weight of the rider will be redistributed over a larger area of the horse's spine. Thus, it reduces pressure within pressure points and provides a sufficient shock absorption effect. Timely adjusting the thickness and positioning of the HR shims on the horse's back will make a big difference; the one between happy, quality performance and painful, miserable horseback riding."

Thanks to the design of the EquineLUX Saddle Pads and Half-Pads, they can help you to minimize most of the common saddle fit problems by accommodating specialized or custom-made shims. However, it must be done properly, so that none of the shims compromise the saddle fit. Using custom-made shims without consulting a professional saddle fitter may result in poor balance and incorrect centering of the rider. This will certainly cause disproportionate pressure in the front or the back of the saddle.

As long as the saddle fits the horse correctly, you may expect your horseback riding experience to be a luxurious one.