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EquineLUX Saddle Pads: Materials


3-DIMENSIONAL Spacer fabric is the main fabric used in the manufacturing of the EquineLUX Saddle Pads. It has a “sandwich” layered structure and features two complementary slabs of fabric that are joined together by connecting yarns. The key factor differentiating 3-D SPACER fabric from traditional knitted mesh fabrics is the resilience of the material to compression set.
The 3-D SPACER fabric has capabilities of remarkable kinetic energy absorption, excellent compression elasticity, air permeability, vapor transport, cushioning and recovery, which are not typical for conventional fabrics. Its aesthetic and practical properties include age resistance, sterilization capabilities, wash resistance, light weight, and temperature regulation. Abrasion resistance of the 3-D Spacer fabric exceeds 200,000 Double Rubs. It is an extremely durable material. It is not going to wear out even after a long-lasting contact with girth straps, reins, saddle flaps, stirrup leather and iron.
This fabric can be used in a variety of ways. Among other areas, the 3-D Spacer fabric has been successfully implemented in the Military, Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace industries, as well as Healthcare and Fashion.

EquineLUX Saddle Pads feature 100% Cotton lining that is quilted with breathable synthetic fiber. Cotton is widely used in production of what is known as "recreational performance apparel" - clothes used in jogging, exercise and sports. This fabric is one of the most efficient moisture-absorbing materials due to the natural properties of its fibers. In fact, cotton draws in up to 27 times of its weight in liquid water. This natural material helps to wick away horse's sweat quickly and efficiently, while the breathable 3-D Spacer fabric top layers promote efficient moisture evaporation.
Moreover, wet cotton conducts heat away from the body 25 times faster than when it's dry. In a word then, cotton keeps the horse comfortable during exercise better than any other fabric.

Our standard inserts and inner layers (in Hunter saddle pads) are made from the open-cell High-Resilience (HR) foam, which allows for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area. This reduces pressure points and provides comfort and cushioning for both horse and rider. HR foam outperforms conventional foam or "memory" foam in terms of resilience and resistance. In fact, HR foam lasts longer than other types of the polyurethane foam. In addition to its measurable comfort and other performance properties, HR foam can be washed, dry cleaned, steamed, and sterilized. It is odor-resistant, non-allergenic, bacteriostatic, and resistant to mold/mildew.
The combination of the 3-D Spacer fabric with the HR foam inserts fills in the hollows that might remain between the saddle and the horse's body and compensates for the horse's natural curves in order to promote a better contact with the saddle.

Non-Slip mesh patches provide a superb grip without stickiness. They are made from a textile fabric coated with soft and flexible polyurethane foam. The mesh structure of this material allows for the moisture (when absorbed by cotton lining) to be transferred from the inner to the outer layers of the product.
It is a Neoprene-free product that doesn't cause any kind of horse skin allergy. In addition, Non-Slip Mesh patches prevent lateral, forward, or backward shifting and hold the saddle in the right place. This helps the rider to have better control over the horse, affects his safety and prevents lower back problems.

High quality Merino sheepskin offers all of the advantages of natural material over synthetic fibers and cheaper sheepskin substitutes, like sheep wool woven onto a cotton yarn. Genuine sheepskin provides efficient impact protection and comfortable cushioning. It is a temperature self-regulating material that feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Furthermore, sheepskin contains Lanolin - a substance that is secreted by wool-bearing animals. It repels dirt and bacteria and makes sheepskin hypo-allergenic. Moreover, sheepskin is resistant to flame and static-electricity, which makes it a unique and versatile material.