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Two-color Merino sheepskin rug
Two-color Merino sheepskin rug Two-color Merino sheepskin rug Two-color Merino sheepskin rug

Merino Sheepskin Round Rug

Item code RC101-WH
Wool pile 2.0 cm (3/4 in)
Diameter 85.0 cm (33 1/2 in)
Color White & Brown
On-Site Price $50.00

Merino  Sheepskin  Round  Rug with NON-SLIP underside

  • A charming, two-color rug is made of thoroughly selected and carefully matched white and brown pieces of the high-quality Merino sheepskin. This handmade rug can add warmth and comfort to any room in your home.
  • The hexagon is one of the geometric shapes that occurs in nature. It can be found in the formation of honeycomb, Hanksite crystal, and snowflake and associates with Communication, Interfacing, Balance, and Union.
  • Polyester binding reliably protects rug edges from damage and unraveling.
  • Non-Slip mesh underside assures perfect grip and steadily prevent the rug from wrinkling up and slippage on hardwood floors.
  • Regular vacuuming will help to maintain wool fibers and keep the rug's attractive look.
  • Hand-wash the rug in a lukewarm water (40C / 104F) using a mild liquid detergent (dish-washing liquid).
  • Dry stains should be eliminated by applying a stain remover (rug cleaner, shampoo, powder, aerosol).
  • Air-dry the rug by laying it out flat out of direct sunlight. Stretching the rug during the drying process helps to retain the rug's shape.
  • In the event of spills, put a clean paper or cloth down and press it to absorb liquid.
  • Do not store the rug in damp or wet conditions.Made in Canada 

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