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How should a hunter saddle pad fitHow should a hunter saddle pad fit

How should a hunter saddle pad fit?

"I ride in a 17 3/4" Albion K2 jump saddle with a slightly deeper semi deep seat. British made saddle that is measured between a 17.5 and 18 inches. It measures 16" through the gullet, 17" flap length and 15" flap width. Item ordered: H101-W, size: 18-18 1/2"

Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for our first show. Product was delivered as advertised. Will be purchasing another one. Thanks again EquineLUX for an amazing product and amazing customer service."   Ian Stupp, Arnprior, ON, Canada

Other frequently asked questions

I've seen similar saddle pads. Why EquineLUX saddle pads are different?

Each saddle pad manufacturing company makes its own thing and each offers original products. At first glance, saddle pads might look alike due to similar top fabric and material used in manufacturing of saddle pads.
But actually they truly differ in many respects: concept, design, technology, materials, workmanship, and pricing.
At EquineLUX, we use a 100% cotton fabric quilted with soft synthetic fibers for the underside of our saddle pads. This natural material wicks away horse's sweat quickly and efficiently, while absolutely air-permeable 3-D Spacer fabric promotes efficient moisture evaporation. This solution keeps your horse more comfortable and help eliminate some of the 'cold back' syndrome causes.

Moreover, when wet, cotton tends to naturally stick to the horses' skin, which makes EquineLUX saddle pads non-slip without actually hurting the horse.
EquineLUX does its best for your horse's health.

What fabric do you use for the top side of your saddle pads?

The main fabric used in the manufacture of our products is called 3-D Spacer fabric.
A major advantage of this material is the low weight and absolute breathability. The areas of application of the 3-D Spacer fabric are unlimited ranging from Military, Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace industries to Healthcare and Fashion.

Are your saddle pads machine-washable?

Yes, our saddle pads are washable, dry-cleanable, and are also capable of being ironed using steam with a medium to almost high heat. Please read the detailed information on the "Product care" page.

What are the major advantages of EquineLUX saddle pads?

EquineLUX saddle pads are designed from 100% breathable polyester 3-Dimensional SPACER fabric, coated NON-SLIP mesh textile, and 100% natural COTTON fabric that is quilted with light-weight synthetic fibers. In addition to this materials, EquineLUX half pads feature high-quality MERINO sheepskin lining, pommel and cantle rolls. Due to their breathability, sweat-wicking, non-skid, and shock-absorbing features, EquineLUX saddle pads provide a perfect grip, reduce heat build-up, allow consistent air circulation, provide high-performance moisture transfer, reduce stress on the horse's back, and serve you longer than many other saddle pads.

What is the total thickness of the sheepskin pad?

Saddle pads and half pads with sheepskin lining without shims measure about 1 1/4" fully fluffed and about 1/2" compressed.
Saddle pads and half pads with sheepskin lining with HR-foam shims inserted in pockets measure about 1 1/2" fully fluffed and about 3/4" compressed.

Is the foam on the inserts memory foam?

We use High-Resilience open-cell foam for the shims (included in the package).
This type of foam differs from "memory" foam by weight (it is much lighter) and by resiliency (it has higher compression rate).
HR foam shims provide shock absorption effect. In conjunction with springy 3-Dimensional Spacer fabric it provides relief for horse's sore back as it absorbs energy from shock and concussion.
We do not use "memory" foam because it is a "product that ... cropped up and is nothing more than a tight-grained open-cell foam with low compression rating used in the mattress industry where impact applications are limited" (

Could you tell me more about your pads with shims? How many pockets are there? Where are they on the pad? How many shims are included?

Most of the EquineLUX saddle pads models have pockets for shims. They are often used by professional saddle fitters who values a "large-sized pockets" design.
TWO High Resiliency open-cell foam shims are included in the package. They allow for the overall weight to be redistributed over a larger area, thus reducing pressure and providing shock absorption effect. The textured inner surface of the pockets does not allow these shims to move or crumple.

If necessary, every shim can be cut into two pieces - front and rear parts. This allows you to use either one when you need to cushion just a specific area or to slightly raise a certain side of the saddle. Moreover, you can use home-made shims from felt, neoprene, foam, soft rubber, and other suitable materials.

Do you offer warranty on your products?

Yes, we do. The EquineLUX saddle pads and half pads (Items) are under full warranty for a period of 6 (six) months from date of purchase. This warranty covers defective material or workmanship. However, our Warranty policy doesn't cover damage caused by accidents, improper care or use, and negligence.
Click here to find out more about our Warranty policy.

What if I need my order to be delivered urgently?

We do offer Express delivery option. The extra charge for the Express delivery is $25 - $40 (based on product size and weight), and it will be added to the product price. Please choose the Express delivery option before you place your product into the Shopping Cart.

Do you allow returns?

All stock items purchased at our Website will be accepted for return within 30 days of receipt. You have to notify us by email within the 10 days of receiving the item(s) about your wish to return it. The item must be returned in the condition that it left our warehouse (i.e., brand-new / never used).

Can I exchange for a different size or color?

Before returning an item for exchange, please, contact us. Customer pays return shipping, unless otherwise noted.

Do you ship to the UK?

Worldwide shipping is available. Please contact us prior to making your order. We will calculate the cost of delivery based on the tariffs of our shipping partner and and advise you on your delivery options.
NOTE: Your shipments will be subject to local Customs regulations, tax and duty charges. These taxes and duties are calculated based on both the type and value of the item being shipped. Please make sure that you know upfront how much to pay so you can avoid unpleasant surprises due to Customs clearance delay.